rotor-track-&-balance (RTB) training

After spending a lot of time developing and test flying the track and balance procedures for the Smart Avionics PB3 and PB4 , we decided to teach operators to track and balance gyro rotors.

It’s probably fair to say that the PB4 with the Vayavolo Dynamic Track & Balance procedure is becoming the most popular rotor balancing package for European gyrocopter manufacturers, most of whom are encouraging their distributers to equip themselves and be trained. (see hall of fame in this page : 8 Gyro manufacturers using PB4).

Due to its easy file transfer capabilities this is a very interesting tool for distributers allowing them to share files instantaneously with their factory experts (or Vayavolo) to discuss difficult cases when they arise.

Gyro manufacturer testimony.

Autumn 2023 : SmartAvionics production of the PB-4 has come to an end ! After ~10 years of PB3 (then PB4) availability on the market, a cheap, performant and full features rotor and propeller dynamic balancer, (with ~>200 balancer shipped), SmartAvionics stops the manufacturing !

A company is discussing with SmartAvionics about buying PB4 design and pursuing the product...

We (Vayavolo) propose a PB4 for rent (per week) (PB4 usage for diagnostic and balance never lasts long time). Practical modalities for PB4 rental (shipping, support, price..) are described in the last pages of our gyro vibration Services catalog.

Our services

Catalog & prices of our services : "RTB Gyro services".

USA RTB trainings in January 2019

Mike Goodrich will be doing a second 2-day training session with Silverlight just after Sebring in January 2019, if anybody is interested in joining us contact Abid at Silverlight or if you want to set up another session elsewhere let us know, because Mike have to book his flights to the US.

Vayavolo gyro vibration training